Best Of '99: Love Ya Live

SonicNet Music News reported on all kinds of live performances — from 30-person private rehearsals to multiple-day festivals — throughout 1999.

During the holiday season, SonicNet Music News is featuring a "Best of '99" series. We are using the occasion to look back at some of the year's best stories, as chosen by our writers and editors. The "Best of '99" series features one of 16 categories each day, through Jan. 2.

In this installment, we remember some of the best live shows of the year.

Every week throughout the year, SonicNet Music News reporters around the globe were on hand to bring you the details of the live shows you wish you'd seen, or in some cases, you're glad you missed. Even nonfans would find it hard to deny it's a remarkable event when some of the most successful musicians in history — Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Cher — appear onstage before sold-out crowds. SonicNet Music News also brought you reports of live shows from hip-hop artists Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, DMX and Gang Starr. And we wouldn't miss 1999's summer festivals; here we highlight Coachella, the Lilith Fair, the Tibetan Freedom Concerts and Woodstock '99.

Click on the stories below to read about these shows, as well as live performances from Tom Waits, Beck, Phish and Black Star, or read the stories directly from the front page of SonicNet Music News.

Coachella Highlights Electronica Despite Rage, Tool Sets

Springsteen Ends 15-Show Run With An Old Favorite

Cher Puts On The Glitz

Metallica, Rage Against The Machine Turn It Up To Close Day Two At Woodstock

Lauryn Hill Bares Her Soul To Lift Spirits

Jay-Z, DMX Make 'Hard Knock Life' A Party

Pretenders, Sarah McLachlan — And Some Men — Play Lilith

Gang Starr Play 10 Years Of Hip-Hop Hits

Tom Waits Previews New Album In Rare Show

Beasties, Rage, Morissette Rock For Tibet In Round-The-World Show

Orchestra Helps Metallica Turn The Page

Beck Electrifies Post-Oscars Bash In Tinseltown

Rolling Stones Play Rarities For Crowd In London Theater

Phish Duo Jam With Carlos Santana

Black Star Heat Up Fans At Dry Concert

The Who Reunite And Strip Down

Green Day Punk Up Bridge School Benefit

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