SonicNet's 1999 Top 10 Albums Lists

Members of editorial team pick their favorite releases and their most memorable moments in music.

Thousands of records are released every year, some by best-selling, blockbuster artists, others by struggling musicians looking for their niche. Every now and again an album appears that changes the way you think, feel or look at the world.

Each year, SonicNet/ATN asks its writers, editors, columnists and contributors for a list of their top-10 favorite albums from the previous 12 months. The award-winning music site is featuring three new top-10 lists each day.

Those submitting lists were asked to choose albums based not on sales, critical acclaim or commercial hype, but on the music and the message contained within.

In addition to offering a brief commentary on each album, our editors and writers pinpoint their favorite moments in music for the year.

If you'd like to comment on the lists or submit picks of your own, direct your thoughts to our User Feedback feature. We'd like to hear from you.

Top 10 lists:

Christopher O'Connor, staff writer

Don Share, contributor

Lisa Arthur, contributor

Matt Melucci, senior editor

Steve Kandell, contributor

Ron Ehmke, contributor

Tim Scanlin, editorial coordinator

Jenny Slater, contributing editor

Ben Auburn, contributor

Dave Marsh, columnist

Frank Tortorici, contributing editor

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, reviewer

Harry Sumrall, contributing editor

Peter Orlov, contributing editor

Kevin John, reviewer

Melissa Price, features editor

Randy Reiss, contributing editor

Johnny Walker (Black), reviewer

Matty Karas, staff editor

Lang Whitaker, contributor

Tony Fletcher, reviewer

Chris Nelson, staff writer

Dakota Smith, contributing editor

Richard B. Simon, contributing editor

Michael Goldberg, editorial director and senior vice president

Oliver Wang, reviewer

Jon Vena, contributing editor

Gil Kaufman, senior writer

Douglas Wolk, reviewer

Sheril Stanford, correspondent