Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne

"We were associated with bands, I think, like Royal Trux and Smog and

Soul Asylum. And I think right at the point where I felt like a lot of

that music had run out of things to say, I sort of stood up and thought,

'Well, gee, I do have something to say now.' And I hate to say that

I didn't have anything to say for the 15 years before then but, you know,

we would do songs and like the way that they sounded and it just sort of

seemed like that's enough. You don't necessarily have to tell the whole

world about your life. And I felt, actually, incapable of doing it very

well anyway. But once we started to work on [the band's 1997 four-CD set]

Zaireeka, I think we got on a roll that ended up being Soft

Bulletin. But I felt like, 'Gosh, I'm gonna have some things to say

now, and if I can work it out good I can actually say them without feeling

like a fool or [making the listener] feel like a fool for hearing it, and

turning it into some real songs that have some real stuff behind it' "


excerpt of interview). — Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips frontman

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