Best Of '99: The Digital Music Revolution

SonicNet Music News followed every development in the fast-paced world of digital music, from MP3s to webcasts to Internet pirates.

During the holiday season, SonicNet Music News is featuring a "Best of '99" series. During this time, we look back at some of the year's best stories, chosen by our writers and editors. The "Best of '99" features one of 16 categories each day through Jan. 2. In this installment, we remember the biggest events in the digital music revolution.

Of all the changes in the music world this year, the most drastic took place in the digital arena. When dawn broke on 1999, MP3 was a format used by relatively unknown musicians to post music on the Internet. Now, as the year draws to an end, few are the major artists whose music you cannot find on the Net, and MP3 has become a virtual household word. 1999 saw major efforts from SDMI to copy-protect digital music, big court victories for portable MP3 players and serious ramifications for those who abused the format.

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Best of '99:

Father Of MP3 Wants To Marry Music To Technology

As SDMI Lags, Portables Push On

Downloadable Tom Petty Single Pulled From '' Site

Appeals Court Upholds Sales Of Portable MP3 Player

Judge Orders Pirate To Surrender Net Account, CD Burner

RIAA Turns A Corner On Net Piracy

Bono, Wyclef Bring Out The Stars For NetAid Benefit

Record Labels Plan Internet Delivery Test

Rykodisc Becomes First Big Label In MP3 Market

Universal Unveils Global Download Distribution Plan

Album Art Comes Alive

Chili Peppers, Def Leppard To Preview Full Albums Online

Hundreds Pay To Download Bowie's hours ...

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