Bono Praises UK Debt Cancellation

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U2 singer Bono appeared on British television Sunday (Dec.

19) to praise the UK's decision to cancel some of the debt owed it by the

world's poorest nations, according to a Reuters report. "You can't

really over-emphasize what has happened here. It's a gigantic thing for

us," Bono said, according to Reuters. The English debt-relief plan

will affect 25 countries by the end of the year, Reuters reported.

Bono's lobbying on behalf of the charity coalition Jubilee 2000 was credited

with influencing the U.S. Congress' decision to approve its own debt-relief

plan in November. Jubilee 2000 aims to convince the world's richest nations

to celebrate the millennium by forgiving the massive debt owed them by

the world's poorest.