Radiohead Debut Song During Webcast

British art rockers surprise fans with three-and-a-half-hour online appearance from studio.

British art-rockers Radiohead surprised fans Thursday night with a webcast

from their studio that included a live acoustic performance of a new song.

According to the fansite, the webcast also featured

the bandmates, including singer Thom Yorke, dancing for the camera, DJing

nearly 40 songs, writing out messages on paper and playing with puppets

made from socks. The webcast reportedly started at 6 p.m. EST and lasted

three and a half hours.

The new song was "Knives Out," according to the fansite, which cited the

band's producer, Nigel Godrich, as the source of the information. The

site tells fans that "bits and pieces" of the song's lyrics are available

at the official site and directs them to a page titled "we

boild the head."

A posting on the official Radiohead message board from a fan with the

user name Pleasantly Blue, titled "Overwhelming inexplicable feelings,"

stated: "I can't believe I am listening to 'Knives Out.' I am crying ...

I can't stop ... such overwhelming happiness."

Another fan wrote in response to Pleasantly Blue, "I couldn't stop smiling,

even if someone held a gun to my head, still wouldn't/couldn't stop smiling.

I also was crying."

Radiohead are recording the follow-up to 1997's critically acclaimed

OK Computer, featuring the hit "Karma Police" (RealAudio


Guitarist Ed O'Brien, who has been keeping an online journal of the band's

recording sessions on the group's official website, described "Knives Out"

as "sounding quite 'Smiths-esque', especially [drummer Phil Selway] who

has got that Mike Joyce [Smiths drummer] thing down to a tee."

The band apparently did not give fans any advance notice of the webcast

other than a posting last week that suggested they download a certain

audio player.

Representatives at Capitol Records confirmed that the webcast occurred

but said it was as surprise to them as well.

Radiohead's as-yet untitled new album is slated for a summer release,

Lewis Jamison, a UK spokesperson for the band, said recently.