SonicNet Launches 'D-Rev 2000' Digital-Music News, Download Area

SonicNet is pleased to present D-Rev

2000, the #1 location on the Internet for news and information

about the digital-music revolution.

In addition to breaking news on developments in digital music, the site

offers a free music download area that's updated daily. Featured are

downloadable tracks from some of the world's top artists, in addition to

tracks by talented new artists that you may not have heard of.

Currently available are free downloads from by Notorious B.I.G., the

Grateful Dead, the Rollins Band, Dokken, Ice-T, Phish, P.O.D., Gerald

Collier, the Get Up Kids and Stereophonics.

Additionally, D-Rev

2000 provides access to thousands of other free songs, courtesy

of our partner, RioPort.