Win Tickets To NYC, SF Screenings of 'Galaxy Quest'

SonicNet's Cinemachine (

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pleased to announce a new movie contest. Seventy-five astute (and lucky)

film fans from the New York metropolitan area and 75 more fans from the

San Francisco Bay Area will each win a pass for two to an advance screening

of the wild science-fiction comedy "Galaxy Quest."

The movie stars Tim Allen ("Toy Story 2"), Sigourney Weaver ("Ghostbusters"), Alan Rickman ("Die Hard") and Tony Shaloub ("Big Night") as actors from a TV space opera who are mistaken for genuine interstellar warriors by clueless extraterrestrials.

"Galaxy Quest," rated PG, was directed by Dean Parisot ("Home Fries") and features visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic, under the supervision of Bill George ("Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace") and animatronic and creature effects by Academy Award-winner Stan Winston ("Jurassic Park").

To win tickets to "Galaxy Quest," visit and follow the links to the contest page.