Doctors Doubt Eye Operation Could Help Wonder

Blind-since-birth singer Stevie Wonder said to be considering experimental surgery.

Nearly a month after soul singer Stevie Wonder was said to be considering experimental surgery to correct his blindness, a top physician said the eye operation might not help the blind-since-birth singer, Reuters reported. The Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins University reportedly offered to evaluate the singer, who was said to have met with physician Dr. Mark Humayun to discuss the procedure known as intraocular retinal prosthesis (IRP), or "eye chip," which involves implanting a chip on the patient's retina. A statement from the institute said it was unlikely the procedure would help Wonder, because of the severe nature of his eye disease, Reuters reported. A spokesperson for Motown Records said the label would not comment on the personal life of the singer. Wonder was honored for his lifelong contribution to the arts at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts during the weekend.