Chicago's Lounge Ax Closing

Wilco, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Steely Dan, Charlie Byrd, Perry Farrell, Beck, Public Enemy, Pete Townshend, Kid Rock ...

Lounge Ax, a mainstay of the Chicago rock and country scene and host to

such bands as the Mekons, Old 97's, L7, Fastbacks,

Gastr del Sol, Wilco, Southern Culture on the Skids

and Yo la Tengo in its 12-year run, will close its doors in

mid-January, co-owner Julia Adams said on Monday (Dec. 6). Adams said

renovations that a new landlord plans for the tiny hole-in-the-wall club

would make rent unaffordable. The club's other owner is Sue Miller, wife

of Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy. Tweedy often used Lounge Ax to unveil

new material, most recently during a three-night stand in October. Adams

said she's holding out hopes of moving the club to another location. "We're

not saying we'll be closed forever," she said.