Beach Boys' Corporation Reportedly Sues Al Jardine

The trademark holder alleges the bandmember improperly used the band's name to promote his tour.

The Beach Boys' trademark holder, Brother Records, is suing

singer/guitarist Al Jardine over the use of the band's name, the

Los Angeles Times reported. Jardine and lead singer Mike Love,

who no longer perform together, are using the Beach Boys name for their

respective concerts, but only Love's act has been licensed by Brother

Records. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, reportedly

alleges Jardine is not meeting standards designed to maintain the Beach

Boys' image. His tour, dubbed "Beach Boys Family and Friends," features

three female lead singers, whereas the Beach Boys are known for their

four-part male harmonies. The former bandmates have been at odds since

Carl Wilson, who served as a mediator between the members, died

last year, the Times said, citing court papers. A hearing for an

injunction against Jardine reportedly is scheduled for Dec. 13.