Foo Fighters' Nate Mendel

Bassist Nate Mendel stuck with Foo Fighters as the band developed its

sound and endured several personnel changes.

Comparisons to Foo Fighters founder/guitarist Dave Grohl's previous group,

Nirvana, have died down, and the band seems to have won over doubting

critics, as well as many record buyers, with the new There Is Nothing

Left to Lose.

Nathan Gregor Mendel was born Dec. 2, 1968, in Washington. Growing up

around Seattle, Mendel played in punk-influenced bands such as Product

of Rape, Diddly Squat and Christ on a Crutch. He also worked at a

construction site and in a cookie factory to earn money for college, where

he double-majored in history and journalism.

In 1992 Mendel, drummer William Goldsmith and guitarist/singer Dan Hoerner

formed Chewbacca Kaboom, who soon changed their name to Sunny Day Real

Estate. Later that year, the melodic punk band issued a single called

"Flatland Spider" on its own One Day I Stopped Breathing Records. The

music was filled with fast drums, loud guitars and anguished singing.

Sunny Day Real Estate soon added singer Jeremy Enigk, who was present on

the single "Thief, Steal Me a Peach." The song brought the band to the

attention of Sub Pop Records, which issued Sunny Day's debut LP, Diary,

in 1994. It featured such tracks as "Seven" and "In Circles." But stresses

within the band caused them to split the following year.

Grohl, meanwhile, had his own stress. In the wake of Nirvana frontman

Kurt Cobain's April 1994 suicide, Grohl gathered together songs he'd

written and recorded them with a friend. When a bidding war among record

companies erupted over the demo, Grohl decided to form a band officially.

He recruited Mendel and Goldsmith and guitarist Pat Smear and christened

the group Foo Fighters, after a cabal of World War II fighter pilots who

allegedly had encounters with and chased UFOs.

The acclaimed Foo Fighters was issued on Capitol Records in 1995

and featured tracks such as "This Is a Call" and "Big Me." During sessions

for their second LP, Goldsmith quit, leaving Grohl to handle most of the


Foo Fighters replaced Goldsmith with Taylor Hawkins before the release

of The Colour and the Shape (1997). The LP featured "Everlong"


excerpt) and "Monkey Wrench."

Though he and Goldsmith returned to Sunny Day Real Estate for a while,

Mendel decided ultimately to stick with Foo Fighters. Smear quit Foo

Fighters permanently at the end of 1997.

"We talked about musically changing things radically," Mendel said of this

year's There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The album includes such

tracks as "Learn to Fly," "Gimme Stitches," "Stacked Actors" and "Breakout."

Foo Fighters are now making the talk-show circuit as well as touring the

world to promote the album.

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