Elvis Costello, Roger McGuinn Jam

Elvis Costello, Roger McGuinn, Sugar Ray, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots, Third Eye Blind, Frank DeVol, Stranglers, Chrissie Hynde ...

Ex-Byrds frontman Roger McGuinn joined Elvis Costello

onstage Saturday (Oct. 30) in Orlando, Fla. Accompanied by Costello's

pianist, Steve Nieve, during an encore in the second-to-last show

of Costello and Nieve's U.S. tour, the duo harmonized on several Byrds

and Byrds-related songs, including "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll

Star" and "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man," as well as Bob Dylan's

"Mr. Tambourine Man" and "You Ain't Going Nowhere," according to fans in

attendance. McGuinn's most recent album was Live From Mars (1996);

Costello released Painted From Memory, a collaboration with composer

Burt Bacharach, in 1998.