Primus Celebrate Antipop At Tower

Primus, Parliament-Funkadelic, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Gary Numan, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Mudhoney, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys ...

Bay Area prog-rock power trio Primus played a free concert Tuesday

(Oct.19) in the parking lot of Tower Records in San Francisco's North

Beach to herald the release of Antipop. The band broke in new tunes

"The Antipop," "Laquer Head" and "Electric Uncle Sam" and broke out a

few old songs, including "John the Fisherman" and "Those Damned Blue-Collar

Tweakers." About 600 people showed up for the gig, according to band

representatives. Primus were scheduled to play only four songs, but wound

up rocking for close to an hour. "We generally cower in the corner when

these things come up, and we like to avoid them," bassist Les Claypool

said, "but San Francisco is our zone." The aggressive and psychedelic

Antipop features collaborations with Limp Bizkit frontman

Fred Durst, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello,

balladeer Tom Waits and others.