Tommy Lee Previewing Methods Of Mayhem Online

Website features 'Get Naked' video with nude ex–Mötley Crüe drummer rap-singing raunchy lyrics.

In keeping with his outlaw image, former Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is previewing the salacious music and video for the song "Get Naked" on his new band's website.

Fans visiting the site ( can check out three songs from the upcoming debut by Lee's rap-rock outfit, Methods of Mayhem. But they also can see a nudity-filled video starring Lee, bandmate TiLo, clothed Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst and raunchy rapper Lil' Kim — the latter dressed in chaps, a cowboy hat and pasties, while she perches astride a giant rocking chicken.

Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass) shows off his heretofore unheard rapping skills on "Get Naked" (RealAudio excerpt), a song he said was self-explanatory. The album — which is slated to feature cameos from rappers Lil' Kim, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan member U-God — is slated for release in December.

"It's a trip, because it sounds like a lot of hip-hop artists [on the album]," Lee said in April, following his departure from Mötley Crüe. "But I write with a hip-hop, jungle, electronic, metal flavor. I take the best of all the styles I like."

The website features audio clips of "Get Naked," as well as the songs "Hypocritical" and "Who the Hell Cares."

In addition to the video — which also includes cameos from funk godfather George Clinton and Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike — the song features lyrics not quite ready for prime time.

Lee rap-sings "77 million dollars made from watchin' me cum," in seeming reference to the notorious home video of his lovemaking with his ex-wife, former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson Lee, which was released despite the pair's public protest. "Under the sun on my vacation/ 'After Hours on Spectravision'/ Shootin' my jizzy jizum/ The woody has rizzy risen," Lee continues.

The chorus finds Lee repeating the phrase, "Get, get naked/ C'mon baby make it hot." Chris Hafner (Tupac Shakur) directed the video.

Lee sings and plays guitar and drums on the album, which he said resulted from the frustration he felt while incarcerated for four months in a Los Angeles County jail cell earlier this year. Lee was jailed after his conviction for felony spousal abuse following a 1998 assault on Anderson Lee.

"This whole motivation for starting another project came to me when I sat in jail for four months," Lee said. "I had so much time [in jail] to think about what I wanted to do with my life musically and creatively," Lee, 36, said in April.

"I got really frustrated in jail, and I was like, 'Man, I love what I've done and I love the mark I've made on rock 'n' roll history' ... and I sat there and I got really depressed, thinking, 'I gotta make a move ... do something fresh and new' " (RealAudio excerpt of interview).

Lee, whose hits with Mötley Crüe include "Girls, Girls, Girls" (RealAudio excerpt), turned himself in to sheriff's deputies Monday in North Carolina in connection with charges stemming from a 1997 concert where he allegedly incited the crowd to attack a security guard.

Lee spent 18 years with Mötley Crüe, a Los Angeles hard-rock band known as much for its rock-star lifestyle as its glam-inspired hard-rock sound.

"I've been writing music for the past year or so, and it sounds nothing like what Mötley Crüe would do, and knowing that really frustrated me," Lee said.

The Methods of Mayhem website also features the lyrics to "Hypocritical," a song in which Lee appears to be lashing out at critics who characterize his lifestyle as debauched.

"Power to the positive people please push your panic buttons," Lee sings. "Stop the press it's those hypocritical judgin' condemnin' preachers with pens behind their desk/ Consistently dropping fictitious lies leaving lives a mess/ We protest against their negative stress."