Glenn Danzig Plans Internet Release, Samhain Reunion

Dark rock singer's former band to tour as opening act for his new one.

Dark metallic rockers Danzig will release their sixth album, 6:66

Satan's Child, on the Internet in late October, before it hits stores

Nov. 2.

And on Halloween night in Boston, Danzig will launch a U.S. tour that

will feature a re-formed Samhain — bandleader Glenn Danzig's previous

band — as opening act for most dates.

"The sky's the limit" on the Internet, said Danzig, whose current band

has been signed to two major labels, American and Hollywood, but is now

recording for his own Evilive label.

"As far as your imagination can go, I think [the Internet will] be able

to take it," Danzig said.

6:66 Satan's Child, an album of weighty, metallic noise, will be

released jointly by Evilive and the Internet music company E-Magine

Entertainment and will be made available by both download and mail order

late this month, according to spokespersons for Danzig and E-Magine. An

exact release date has not been set, they said.

"What I tried to do was take all the best elements of the first five

Danzig records, put them all together, add a few flavors," Danzig said

from Los Angeles in late September.

Danzig have augmented their trademark dark, heavy style with various

stylistic experiments such as the electronica-tinged Blackacidevil

(1996). Glenn Danzig released a classical solo album, Black Aria,

in 1993.

The new album continues the band's usual dark and heavy focus on tracks

such as "Five Finger Crawl" (RealAudio

excerpt) and "Satan's Child" (RealAudio

excerpt). Danzig produced the album with Peter Lorimer; Jay Gordon

and Amir Derakh of the electro-metal band Orgy mixed the album.

Danzig have also licensed several early albums to E-Magine.

E-Magine co-president Christoph Ruecker said Danzig's die-hard fans are

a perfect example of the Internet's potential: "These are the people that

are spreading the word [about the bands they love]. I believe ... in that

grassroots approach to connecting with fans."

Samhain is scheduled to join the Danzig tour on its second date, Nov. 1,

in Los Angeles. The tour then moves eastward through Nevada, Arizona and

Texas before continuing with three weeks of East Coast and Midwest dates.

The last scheduled show, Dec. 3, brings Danzig back to the West Coast

for a San Francisco gig.

Glenn Danzig first came into the public eye as the singer for splatter-punks

the Misfits. Formed in Lodi, N.J., in 1977, the Misfits paired Danzig's

booming vocals with melodic, Ramones-style punk. They earned a cult

following by combining raw punk with an exaggerated horror-movie aesthetic

on songs such as "Astro Zombies" and "I Turned Into a Martian"; one song

featured the lyrics, "Mommy? Can I go out and kill tonight?"

The Misfits broke up in 1983 and eventually re-formed without Danzig.

They begin a U.S. tour Oct. 12 in Cincinnati.

Glenn Danzig further explored his obsessions with the darker, more metallic

Samhain. After Samhain broke up in 1987, Danzig formed the band that

bears his name, which released its first album in 1988.

Danzig said Samhain will not permanently re-form because all the members

have other commitments. "It's just gonna be a blast onstage and that's

it," he said.

Danzig tour dates:

Oct. 31; Boston, Mass.; The Roxy

Nov. 1; Los Angeles, Calif.; Palladium (first Samhain appearance)

Nov. 2; Las Vegas, Nev.; The Joint at the Hard Rock Cafe

Nov. 4; Phoenix, Ariz.; Celebrity Theatre

Nov. 6; San Antonio, Texas; Live Oak Civic Center (November to Dismember festival)

Nov. 9; Atlanta, Ga.; Roxy Theatre

Nov. 10; Spartanburg, S.C.; Ground Zero

Nov. 12; Philadelphia, Pa.; Electric Factory

Nov. 13; Washington, D.C.; The Nation

Nov. 16; Providence, R.I.; Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Nov. 17; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Metropol

Nov. 19; Columbus, Ohio; Newport Music Hall

Nov. 20; Cleveland, Ohio; Agora Ballroom

Nov. 21; Chicago, Ill.; House of Blues

Nov. 23; Detroit, Mich.; State Theatre

Nov. 26; Minneapolis, Minn.; The Quest

Nov. 27; Milwaukee, Wis.; The Rave Ballroom

Nov. 30; Salt Lake City, Utah; Salt Air Palace

Dec. 2; Portland, Ore.; Roseland

Dec. 3; San Francisco, Calif.; TBA