Sevendust To Take Home On Road This Fall

Atlanta rockers to spend October in North American theaters and clubs.

After a summer playing for audiences of thousands on the Vans Warped Tour

and at Woodstock '99, Atlanta hard-rockers Sevendust will take to the

road for a tour of North American theaters and clubs next month.

The tour starts Oct. 7 at the Rock in Tucson, Ariz., according to Carleen

Donovan, a publicist at TVT Records, the band's label. So far, dates

through Oct. 31 have been announced, and more may be added, Donovan said.

Openers, who will rotate, will include the hard-rock bands Chevelle,

Machine Head, Staind, DDT and Orange 9mm.

On their second album, Home, Sevendust examine the 21-month period

they spent on the road from early 1997 to late 1998, guitarist and

songwriter Clint Lowery, 27, said earlier this month. Lowery called the

period draining, but said it was a growing experience for the band.

"Denial" (RealAudio

excerpt), the first single, is about an argument with a girl,

Lowery said. "Headtrip," he added, is a response to what the band considered

to be the bad attitudes of acts they toured with.

"I can go on and on about it. But everything is about those 21 months,"

he said (RealAudio

excerpt of interview).

Home debuted at #19 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in

August, but has been sliding ever since; on Thursday, it will drop to

#64. Sevendust's self-titled 1997 debut has been certified gold by the

Recording Industry Association of America.

Sevendust North American Tour Dates:

Oct. 7; Tucson, Ariz.; The Rock

Oct. 8; Las Vegas, Nev.; Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Oct. 9; Modesto, Calif.; Modesto Center

Oct. 10; San Jose, Calif.; Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

Oct. 13; Sacramento, Calif.; Crest Theater

Oct. 14; Portland, Ore.; Roseland Annex

Oct. 15; Seattle, Wash.; RKCNDY

Oct. 16; Spokane, Wash.; Egg Trade Building

Oct. 17; Boise, Idaho; Bogie's

Oct. 19; Vancouver, British Columbia; Croatian Culture Center

Oct. 20; Calgary, Alberta; MacEwan Hall

Oct. 21; Edmonton, Alberta; Golden Garter

Oct. 24; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Rendezvous

Oct. 30; Dallas, Texas; Starplex

Oct. 31; Houston, Texas; International Ball