Rap Newcomer Eve's First Lady To Debut At #1

Ol' Dirty Bastard will come in at #10 with N***a Please, while Beatles chart at #15.

Ruff Ryders walloped the Wu-Tang Clan in record stores last week.

The New York label behind DMX scored again with Eve, a 20-year-old female

rapper whose first album, Let There Be ... Eve — Ruff Ryders'

First Lady, sold enough copies in the week ending Sunday to debut at

#1 this week on the Billboard 200 albums chart, according to figures

released Wednesday (Sept. 22) by SoundScan.

Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, who has been in the news more for

his run-ins with police than for his music in the past year, will chart

at #10 with his second album, N***a Please.

The Beatles, meanwhile, will debut at #15 with their 11th album, or more

specifically a remixed and revised version of the album, their soundtrack

to the animated movie "Yellow Submarine." Yellow Submarine Songtrack

was released in conjunction with a digitally remastered version of the


The top 10: Let There Be ... Eve — Ruff Ryders' First Lady

(#1); pop mainstay the Backstreet Boys' Millennium (#2); teen-pop

singer Christina Aguilera's self-titled debut (#3); country trio Dixie

Chicks' Fly, which had been #1 for the past two weeks (#4);

Latino-rock veterans Santana's Supernatural (#5); rap/rocker Kid

Rock's Devil Without a Cause, recently certified triple platinum

(#6); thrash-rap band Limp Bizkit's Significant Other (#7);

teen-pop singer Britney Spears' ... Baby One More Time

(#8); international pop newcomer Lou Bega's A Little Bit of Mambo

(#9); and Ol' Dirty Bastard's N***a Please (#10).


here for a detailed top-10 albums chart.)

Eve previously appeared on the compilation Ruff Ryders: Ryde or Die

Vol. 1, which topped the chart earlier this year. The Philadelphia

rapper also had a Dr. Dre-produced song, "Eve of Destruction," on the

"Bulworth" soundtrack (1998). Before signing to Ruff Ryders, she had a

one-year contract with Dr. Dre's label, Aftermath, although she never

released an album for that label.

Let There Be ... Eve — Ruff Ryders' First Lady includes the

single "Gotta Man," produced by 20-year-old Swizz Beats, who has also

worked with DMX, Jay-Z and Noreaga.

It's the second album by a female rapper to hit #1 this year. Foxy Brown's

Chyna Doll was #1 for a week in January.

N***a Please sold 92,842 copies, a relatively tame showing from a

wild artist who is currently undergoing drug-rehabilitation treatment in

California and faces a variety of criminal charges in Los Angeles and

New York. The album is drenched in sexual references and profanity. It

includes tongue-in-cheek covers of pioneering jazz singer Billie Holiday's

"Good Morning Heartache" (RealAudio

excerpt of Ol' Dirty Bastard version) and funk singer Rick James'

"Cold Blooded."

"I'm going my own way," ODB said earlier this year of the album. "I'm

the direction [of hip-hop]. I'm gonna make hip-hop what it is."

Yellow Submarine Songtrack features such lesser-known Beatles

songs as "Hey Bulldog" and "Only a Northern Song" along with songs from

other Beatles albums, including "Eleanor Rigby" and "When I'm Sixty-Four,"

that are in the movie but didn't appear on the original soundtrack album.

"Yellow Submarine" was one of four feature-length Beatles movies.

This week's other significant debuts are from country singer Martina

McBride, whose Emotion will bow at #19; veteran Mexican singer

Luis Miguel, whose Amarte Es un Placer will come in at #36;

progressive-rock band Queensrÿche, who introduce guitarist Kelly

Gray on Q2K (#46); and Christian-rock band Audio Adrenaline's

Underdog (#76).

Metal group System of a Down's self-titled debut, released in 1998, will

enter the Billboard 200 this week for the first time, at #194.

In January singer Serj Tankian said the group's songs were political.

"War?" (RealAudio

excerpt), for example, is meant to evoke the Crusades.

"It's a symbolic song about most of imperialism using either religion,

or drugs or a terrorist nation as an excuse to do whatever we want in

our foreign policy — politically or militarily," Tankian said.

Seventeen-year-old Louisiana native Britney Spears, whose album sales

are approaching 6 million, will sink to her lowest chart position, #8,

with ... Baby One More Time, which has been a dominant

seller since its release in January.

Meanwhile, Bega, a German resident of Ugandan and Italian heritage, will

crack the top 10 with his album, which include the international pop hit

"Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Mambo)."