Springsteen Nixes 'Thunder Road' Cover

Bruce Springsteen has blocked the release of a cover of his

song "Thunder Road" by onetime Dexy's Midnight Runners singer

Kevin Rowland. The cut included altered lyrics to fit Rowland's

experience, a spokesperson for the UK label Creation said. Among the

other lyrically modified songs to be included on Rowland's My

Beauty (due Oct. 11 in the UK) are the Beatles' "The Long and

Winding Road" and the Monkees' "Daydream Believer." A personal

note from Rowland did not persuade the Boss to allow the track,

according to Creation. Publicists for Springsteen at Shore Fire Media

could not be reached for comment. In 1985, Springsteen released the

B-side "Johnny Bye Bye," which included rewritten lyrics to Chuck

Berry's "Bye Bye Johnny."