Bif Naked

"In this day and age, the best thing you can be is nonviolent, but we also have to protect ourselves. Because it's crazy. You've got people like Mia Zapata (the lead singer of the Gits who was murdered in 1993). You have to protect yourself; you just have to always be aware. It's [part of] my whole straight-edge philosophy. I think as females we're better off always being in our own control, always being in the right of state of mind, and able to control our situation. [I went straight-edge] in '95, and I'll be the first one to laugh at myself back in the day. I was such a jackass. If I drank more than one beer, I was drunk, and as soon as I was drunk, my judgement was impaired. I would order shooters from the bar, drink myself into alcohol poisoning, or shoot drugs, or get engaged. Everything was always in extremes; it was never in moderation. I don't want to preach to anyone, but my own opinion is that if every girl quit drinking for a month and just looked at her life, a month later I really think the fog would have cleared a little bit. Like, 'You know, I really don't want to date that guy because he treats me like garbage.' Or, 'All the money I saved from not going to bars, I'm gonna go and buy this great pair of workout shoes.' Or whatever." — Bif Naked, singer, on martial arts and her straight-edge lifestyle