Violent Femmes To Issue Live CD

An acoustic live album by college-rock staples the Violent Femmes

will feature such fan favorites as "Kiss Off" and "Blister in the Sun,"

as well as lesser-known tracks such as "Country Death Song" and "Hallowed

Ground." Viva Wisconsin (Nov. 23) was recorded during a weeklong

tour of the group's home state in October 1998, a Beyond Records

spokesperson said. The full track listing: "Prove My Love," "I'm Nothing,"

"Country Death Song," "Blister in the Sun," "Gimme the Car," "Don't Talk

About My Music," "Confessions," "Hallowed Ground," "Life Is an Adventure,"

"Old Mother Reagan," "Ugly," "Good Feeling," "Dahmer Is Dead," "American

Music," "Special," "Sweet Worlds of Angels," "Black Girls," "Gone Daddy

Gone," "Add It Up" and "Kiss Off."