STP Members to Play 'Hedwig' Hollywood Bash

Stone Temple Pilots, Goldfinger, Marilyn Manson, Elliott Smith, Beatles, Folk Implosion, eels, Gomez, George Michael...

Members of Stone Temple Pilots, minus jailed singer Scott

Weiland, will serve as the backing band for "Hedwig and the Angry

Inch" star John Cameron Mitchell at a private party in Hollywood, Calif.,

next Tuesday (Sept. 21). They will play songs from the acclaimed rock

musical at the new club Vynyl to celebrate the show's upcoming opening

in Los Angeles. STP got involved because the band saw "Hedwig and the

Angry Inch" in New York and "fell in love with it," according to a

spokesperson for the band. STP's fourth album, No. 4, will be

released Oct. 26; Weiland, meanwhile, is serving a year for violating

probation on a heroin conviction.