Beck To Release Midnite Vultures In Fall

More than 40 songs recorded for what will be 11-song disc.

Hip-hop experimentalist Beck's sixth album, due in November, will be

called Midnite Vultures.

The titles for about half of the 11-track album's songs were posted

Monday (Sept. 13) on Beck's official website, They will include

"Sexxlaws," "Milk and Honey," "Debra," "Hlwd. Freaks" and "Mixed Bizness."

A spokesperson for the singer said "Sexxlaws" is expected to be the

first single. The B-side will be "This Is My Kru," the posting stated.

The album, co-produced by the singer and Mickey P, is slated for

release Nov. 16. Beck (born Beck Hansen) recorded more than 40 songs

for the disc.

The falsetto-funk ballad "Debra" has been a staple in the singer's

live shows and is known by some fans as "I Want to Get With You." Some

of the new tracks feature a mix of vintage keyboards, early '80s

electro-funk and falsetto vocals reminiscent of The Artist's early


The LP is expected to feature a collaboration with British folkie Beth


Though Beck released the critically acclaimed Mutations in

1998, Geffen has touted the upcoming album as the "official" follow-up

to Odelay, the singer's 2 million-selling 1996 album.

Mutations, featuring "Tropicalia"

(RealAudio excerpt),

originally was scheduled to come out on indie label Bong Load Records,

but Geffen ended up releasing it.

Beck sued both labels in May, claiming copyright infringement over

Mutations. Beck was said to be near settlement with Geffen

late last month, according to a source at the label who requested

anonymity. At press time, updated information was not available, the

source said.