Guns N' Roses Song To Air In Commercial

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Guns n' Roses' first new studio track in six years will be

featured in a commercial scheduled to air during the MTV Video Music

Awards on Thursday night (Sept. 9). The song, "Oh My God," will appear

in a commercial for the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi movie "End of Days,"

according to a source close to the project. The source said the song is

expected to appear on the soundtrack to the film, which opens in November,

as well as on the next album — which as yet has no title and no

release date — from the missing-in-action hard-rock band. Guns n'

Roses' last album was The Spaghetti Incident? (1993). The movie

soundtrack is also slated to feature a new song by rap-rockers Limp

Bizkit. (SonicNet is part of MTV Interactive.)

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