Endless Summer

Highlights include new tracks from Beck, Lisa Loeb and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So, summer is over. You've completed your back-to-school shopping and come to

terms with the fact that there will be no more vacation until the winter holidays come around. It'll

be awhile before you can skip school/ blow off the afternoon's work and head for

the beach again. So, what to do till next summer rolls around?

Not to worry. This year summer fun has taken refuge in the Surfrider Foundation's

Music For Our Mother Ocean 3 compilation awaiting purchase at your favorite

record store. The foundation educates legislators and the general public

about ocean pollution. It raises money by selling albums about the surf and summer

love with contributions from popular artists. This third volume is the strongest

of the MOM albums to date. Artists ranging from Snoop Dogg to Smash Mouth

to Butthole Surfers to

Jimmy Buffett contribute tracks that capture the lazy, hazy, crazy vibe of a sunny

day spent seaside.

Nearly any track on the album would make perfect background music for a variety of

summery activities. Brian Setzer and Brian Wilson team up on the Beach Boys'

"Little Deuce Coup," producing a revved up, guitar-heavy version perfect for

listening to while packing up the car for a trip. Sprung Monkey's hyper hip-hop

take on Harry Nilsson's "Coconut" would be the perfect soundtrack for dancing

drunkenly at an overcrowded frat-boy bar. Beck's "Electric Music and the Summer

People" (RealAudio excerpt) sounds like a lost Beach Boys track filtered through a Middle Eastern

prism and would work perfectly in a dance sequence in a contemporary version of

"Beach Blanket Bingo."

If you're looking for a good head-bobbing cruising song, Snoop Dogg with the Gap

Band's Charlie Wilson and all of Rage Against The Machine except Zack de la Rocha

fill the bill by finally unleashing their 2-year-old rap-rock version of "Snoop

Bounce," from Tha Doggfather. Also on the funk-rock cruisin' tip is the Red

Hot Chili Peppers' "How Strong" (RealAudio excerpt), a midtempo tune with deep, popping bass and

guitar work that shifts from tight funk to swirling psychedelia. Surf guitar is

also well-represented on MOM 3;

Everclear turn in a fun, hard-hitting and faithful version of the surf classic

"Walk Don't Run."

There are only a few lulls on MOM 3. The Butthole Surfers' version of


In The City" is only OK; it's pretty tame considering the group's legendary

hillbilly acid rock freak-outs. Tracks by Pearl Jam and the Beastie Boys aren't

nearly as exciting as they could be. And perhaps bookending James Taylor's new age

"Gaia" with Smash Mouth's funky "Mother" and the Beasties' punk-rock "Nothing To

Say," wasn't the best idea.

Still, four lame tracks out of a total of 21 is none too shabby. The remainder

— whether the touching end-of-summer laments from Chris Isaak and Lisa Loeb ("Summer" [RealAudio excerpt]),

the backyard BBQ groves of Lit and Allison Moorer or the odd political song, such

as Paul McCartney and Wings' "Wild Life" — are big waves, with some coming in

harder and faster than others.

So there you have it: endless summer in compact disc form. Enjoy.