Powerman 5000 Album Yanked From Wal-Mart, Kmart

Same Ohio parent who complained about Godsmack LP takes credit for removal.

For the second time this year, an Ohio carpet salesman is claiming

responsibility for having a hard-rock album pulled from the shelves of

two of the country's largest retailers after he complained about profanity

in the lyrics.

Kmart stopped selling Powerman 5000's Tonight the Stars Revolt!

last week, after receiving word from DreamWorks SKG, the band's label,

that the album would now come with a parental-warning sticker, according

to Kmart spokesperson Dennis Wigent. By policy, Kmart does not carry

albums with such stickers.

The carpet salesman, 43-year-old Kevin Clarke of Mentor, Ohio, said he

had called Kmart, Wal-Mart and the Universal Music Group — which

distributes DreamWorks records — to call their attention to Powerman

5000's use of the word "f---" on the song "System 11:11"


excerpt). The word is the only profanity on the album.

MTV News reported that Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer,

also stopped selling the album. A Wal-Mart spokesperson did not return

calls seeking comment, but Clarke said Thursday (Sept. 2) that only the

Wal-Mart stores in the Cleveland area have pulled the album so far.

Clarke, who said he took his 12-year-old son to a Cleveland Wal-Mart to

buy the album last month, raised similar objections in May to the

self-titled album by Godsmack, another Boston-area band. Both chains

pulled that album as well.

Universal Records later issued an edited copy of Godsmack to the


Clarke said he has no beef with the stores, and he does not object to

the sale of edited albums. He said his son, whose name he refused to give,

owns an edited copy of thrash-rap band Limp Bizkit's Significant Other,

released by Universal's Interscope label. But he said he is bothered that

Universal Music Group doesn't issue edited copies of all their albums


"If they play by the rules, I don't have to go through this," Clarke

said. "Universal needs to understand that they're going to hear from me

again. I'm going to continue to do that every time I get bit by this

kind of thing."

Clarke said the person he spoke to at Universal told him an edited copy

of Tonight the Stars Revolt!, with the profanity removed, will be

issued in about three weeks. Clark said he plans to take his son back to

Wal-Mart to buy the edited version.

A publicist at Interscope for Powerman 5000 said the band had no comment

on the matter.

Tonight the Stars Revolt!, which features the single "When Worlds

Collide" (RealAudio

excerpt), was the country's 34th-best-selling album in the country

last week, according to sales tracker SoundScan.