Powerman 5000 LP Pulled For Obscenity

The new album from industrial rock band Powerman 5000, Tonight

the Stars Revolt! was pulled from the shelves of retail giants

Wal-Mart and Kmart this week following a complaint from a parent about

an obscenity on the record, according to MTV News

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for MTV story). Concern from Cleveland parent Kevin Clarke, who

purchased the album for his son at a Wal-Mart, reportedly prompted the

action. Although neither chain carries albums with parental-warning

stickers, the CD does not carry one and Clarke was said to have been

offended by the obscenities that appear in the outer space–themed

song "System 11:11": "You can't control this/ Now what the fuck are you,

some kind of half-assed astronaut?" These are the only obscenities on

the 13-track album. Clarke is reportedly the same man who lobbied to

have Godsmack's debut pulled from the store's shelves three months

ago on similar grounds. Powerman 5000's label, Dreamworks Records, had

no comment at press time.