Matthew Sweet To Release In Reverse

Singer/songwriter Matthew Sweet will release his seventh studio album, In Reverse, Sept. 28. The 14-track album from the power-pop performer features several songs inspired by producer Phil Spector's famed "wall of sound" recording technique. The album was co-produced by Sweet and musician Greg Liesz (Fiona Apple) as well as Fred Maher (R.E.M.) and Jim Scott (Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Iha). The track listing for In Reverse is: "Millennium Blues," "If Time Permits," "Beware My Love," "Faith in You," " Hide," "Future Shock," "Split Personality," "I Should Never Have Let You Know," "Trade Places," "What Matters," "Write Your Own Song," "Worse to Live," "Untitled" and "Thunderstorm."