Milwaukee Metalfest Moves Indoors After Court Defeat

Judge refuses to order Wisconsin to host show featuring Misfits, Neurosis and Anal Blast on state fairgrounds.

Metalfest XIII, a headbanger's ball boasting such name acts as Neurosis along with

lesser-known groups such as Anal Blast, has been moved indoors, in the wake of a judge's dismissal of a lawsuit that aimed to keep the concert

at Milwaukee's State Fair Park.

"I'm very pleased that the people at the [Milwaukee] auditorium complex came to the table and were

willing to make this happen," Metalfest promoter Jack Koshick, owner of Jack Koshick

Presents, said Tuesday (July 20), referring to the new venue for the show.

On Monday, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Nichol dismissed Koshick's

request for a temporary restraining order that would have forced the state of Wisconsin to

allow his company to hold the July 30–31 event at the park as planned, according

to concert publicist Michael Mazur.

In a breach-of-contract suit, Koshick argued that state officials had orally agreed to hold

the event at the park. The promoter told reporters the state backed out of the show in

reaction to such bandnames as Waco Jesus, Dying Fetus, Rotting Christ and Bludgeon

to Death.

Mark Bugher, secretary of the state Department of Administration, called the latter claim

"ridiculous" and countered that Metalfest was scheduled too close to the Wisconsin State

Fair, which starts Aug. 4, to be held at the park. "There's a substantial amount of work in

preparing the grounds" for the fair, he said Thursday.

In dismissing Koshick's claim, the judge cited sovereign immunity, a doctrine that

protects the state from lawsuits unless it consents to be sued.

Metalfest XIII is scheduled to feature 160 bands, including Cradle of Filth, Earth Crisis,

Bongzilla and the Misfits — whose American Psycho (1997) includes "Speak

of the Devil" (RealAudio excerpt).

The Milwaukee Auditorium also played host to the sixth edition of the annual mosh