Metalfest In Jeopardy

The Misfits, Enrique Iglesias, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Eagles, Limp Bizkit, Backstreet Boys, TLC, Smash Mouth...

The 166-band Metalfest XIII — a headbanger extravaganza with a roster that

includes the Misfits, Earth Crisis, Cradle of Filth, Anal

Blast and Bludgeon to Death — may be blocked from taking place July

30–31 at its scheduled location in Milwaukee. The fate of the event may rest in the

hands of a judge in Madison, Wis., who will hear a breach-of-contract suit regarding the event in the next two weeks. Concert producer Jack Koshick alleges the state backed

out of its oral agreement to host the show at the State Fair Park, even after tickets were

sold, because of the names and reputations of some of the artists involved. Department

of Administration secretary Mark Bugher could not be reached for comment by press

time, but he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that there was never a contract in

place, and that officials questioned whether they would have enough time to clean up

the grounds in time for the annual State Fair, which begins Aug. 4.