Billy Corgan Pens 'Atmospheric' Score For 'Stigmata' Soundtrack

Smashing Pumpkins' leader teams with Natalie Imbruglia on track for film; Bowie, Sinead O'Connor also contribute.

The score to the upcoming film "Stigmata" will feature 10 compositions by Smashing

Pumpkins songwriter Billy Corgan, including one track, "Identify," with vocals by

Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia, according to the Pumpkins' label, Virgin Records.

Due Aug. 24, the "Stigmata" soundtrack album contains what have been described as

atmospheric and energy-packed selections that incorporate drum loops. It is the second

foray into film scoring by Corgan, the bald-headed leader of the multiplatinum Chicago

rock group, following his contributions to the 1996 Mel Gibson film "Ransom."

"It has a bit of the Pumpkins sound you know and some stuff that is more like

Adore," engineer Chris Steinmetz said, citing the Pumpkins' 1998 album, which

featured such moody, electronic-tinged songs as "Ava Adore" (

href="">RealAudio excerpt). Steinmetz

helped mix the songs in Chicago sessions with Corgan.

"Identify," with lyrics by Corgan, is the only traditional pop song composed by the

Pumpkins leader for the film, marking his first collaboration with Imbruglia, best known for

her 1998 hit single "Torn" (RealAudio excerpt).

In total, Corgan scored and recorded more than 40 minutes of music for the project in

collaboration with keyboardist Mike Garson (David Bowie, Seal, Nine Inch Nails), who

played on the Pumpkins' 1998 tour.

"Mike Garson and I set out trying to make music that did not rely on well-worn movie

clichés to support the movie, and also to make music that would hopefully stand

up on its own without the movie," Corgan said in a statement.

Also featured on the soundtrack is a new song by glam legend David Bowie ("The Pretty

Things Are Going to Hell") and remixed or edited tracks that were previously released by

anarchist pop band Chumbawamba ("Mary Mary [Stigmatic Mix]"), rockers Remy Zero

("Gramarye") and trip-hoppers Massive Attack ("Inertia Creeps").

"Release" — a previously issued song from world-music combo Afro Celt Sound

System, featuring vocals by singer Sinead O'Connor — will also be featured on the

album, as will an exclusive remix of the Björk song "All Is Full of Love," by Mike

"Spike" Stent, who is currently co-producing the next Oasis album.

Although the Pumpkins, best known for their bombastic, cathartic rock songs, have never

scored a movie, they have contributed several pop songs to films in the past, including

"The End Is the Beginning Is the End" (RealAudio excerpt)

from the 1997 "Batman and Robin" soundtrack.

"Back in the day, people used to write songs that were directly connected to a movie's

score," Corgan said. "The music for 'Identity' came from one of the love scenes in the


Steinmetz further described the music Corgan created for the film as powerful and


"[The score is] very atmospheric, but it has a lot of energy and power. It had a lot of cool

drum loops and aggressive, original sounds," Steinmetz said.

The film, a religious-themed drama that will be released Sept. 10, stars Patricia Arquette

("True Romance") as a hairdresser who spontaneously receives bleeding "stigmata"

marks — marks that correspond to those Jesus is believed to have suffered on his hands during his

crucifixion. Gabriel Byrne ("Usual Suspects") plays a member of the clergy who is sent to

investigate the claims prior to a visit by the Pope.

Bowie said he was attracted to the project because of the controversial story.

"I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the soundtrack," Bowie said in a statement,

"as the movie's subject matter has interested me since the publication of 'The Jesus

Scroll,' a book written by Donovan Joyce in 1973. It outlined an alarming conspiracy

involving the Catholic Church trying to put the lid on the supposed discovery of the last

writings of Jesus himself."

The score's compositions by Corgan and Garson are: "Identify (Dust)/ 1,000,000 Voices,"

"Pop Pop/ Await/ Reflect (Pretty)," "Reflect (Clouds)/ Truth," "Of Square Waves/ Random

Thought," "Reflection/ Possession," "Reflect (Gray)/ Of Sine Waves," "Distrbnce (After

Sckhausen)/ Reflect (Pause)/ Orah," "Sustain/ Identify (Affectation)," "All Answers

Revealed/ Reflect (Devotion)," "Purge/ 1,000,000 Voices/ Reflect (Purity)/ Identify

(Peace)" and "Reflect (Time)/ Tree Whispers."