Iglesias Label In Payola Scandal

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles filed charges Wednesday (June 30) against two executives of Fonovisa Records, the label behind Enrique Iglesias and other Latin artists, for violations involving "payola" — bribing radio stations to play the label's records. According to the U.S. Attorney's public information office, Fonovisa promotion chief Jesus Gilberto Moreno was charged with illegally paying for radio play. Fonovisa and its president, Guillermo Santiso, were each charged with payola-related federal tax violations. On Thursday, citing unnamed sources, the Los Angeles Times reported Moreno agreed to plead guilty to the payola charge, which would make him the first senior executive in the music industry to be successfully prosecuted for the crime. Fonovisa, according to the newspaper, dominated the Spanish-language airwaves in 1997, with a string of #1 hits from the likes of Iglesias and Marco Antonio Solís. Lawyers for the label could not be reached for comment. The U.S. Attorney spokesperson anticipates a July arraignment.