Limp Bizkit Leader Made Label VP

Thrash-rap group's singer Fred Durst to sign bands, produce albums, direct videos.

Fred Durst, the 29-year-old lead singer of thrash-rap group Limp Bizkit,

has been named a senior vice president at Interscope Records. The raw-throated

vocalist of the Florida-bred group — which currently has the #1 album in the country

with Significant Other — also will be given his own record imprint, according

to an Interscope press release. "I'm proud to have this position, but it means nothing

unless I take the title and put it into action," Durst said in a statement. Durst's other

responsibilities in his new position include signing and marketing bands, producing

albums, remixing and directing videos — tasks the singer already has waded into

by producing the debut album of thrash band Staind and directing videos for

them and his own band.