New NIN Song Set For Release; Radio Preps For Heavy Airplay

First tune from band in years, 'The Day the World Went Away,' scheduled to hit stores July 20.

The first release from the eagerly anticipated Nine Inch Nails double-album, The

Fragile, titled "The Day the World Went Away," will hit stores July 20, and radio

programmers are on high alert to send it out over the airwaves.

In keeping with the cryptic vibe surrounding the album's release, however, a

spokesperson for Nine Inch Nails' Nothing Records who requested anonymity shied

away from calling the song the album's first single.

"I'm not saying it is or it isn't," said the source, "I'm just saying it will be released July 20."

The source would also not confirm when, or if, the song would be released for radio


"The Day the World Went Away" will be accompanied by a second version called "The

Day the World Went Away — Quiet Version" and the B-side "Starfuckers Inc." The

12-inch vinyl version of the song will feature a remix from Porter Ricks, a duo comprising

Thomas Koner and Andy Melwig who use heavy bass loops, repetitive keyboard

patterns and dub effects.

"Whenever you have an artist [who] was such a force in a musical movement like NIN

were in alternative rock, radio doesn't ignore that," Jim Kerr, alternative-radio editor for

industry trade magazine Radio & Records, said. No matter what programmers

think of "The Day the World Went Away," Kerr said, it will be added to radio stations'

playlists across the country as soon as it's released.

There is also no official word on when the album, the band's first in five years, will be

released, although it is expected to hit stores in September.

Pointing to the success of the recent radio hit "Scar Tissue"

(RealAudio excerpt) by

funk-poppers the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as an example of radio's embracing of career

artists, Kerr said if NIN return with a song as strong as their career-launching 1989 hit

"Head Like a Hole" (RealAudio excerpt), "you will see

the world fall at their feet."

Several program directors at taste-maker rock stations said they expected their

audiences to be primed for a new NIN track. "Oedipus" of WBCN-FM in Boston said

although he had not yet heard the track, he predicted his audience would be "very

enthusiastic" when, or as the case may be, if, his station began spinning it.

The official Nine Inch Nails website ( started offering a sneak peek at the

album Monday, when a 36-box window appeared, leading to photos and musical

snippets. While many of the multicolored boxes do not guide visitors to clues, a number

of them link to abstract photos and to what appear to be lyrics written on sheets of

notebook paper. There is also at least one musical track that sounds like an endlessly

looped portion of a song being finger-picked on a ukulele.

A clip of new NIN music posted on the website two weeks ago includes a

haunting keyboard loop, which is later joined by subtle clanging, while

singer Trent Reznor whispers the words "All I've undergone, I will keep

on." It is unclear if the music is from "The Day the World Went Away"

or any song from the new album.

Los Angeles rock station KROQ-FM said anticipation is high for the new

song. "Everyone's real excited about it," said a programming source who

requested anonymity. "Especially since it's been shrouded in such secrecy."

Among the guests scheduled to appear on the new NIN record are former

King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew (who also lent a hand on The

Downward Spiral), Helmet guitarist Page Hamilton, Ministry drummer

Bill Rieflin, former Chic/Power Station drummer Tony Thompson, keyboardist

Mike Garson (currently on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins) and producer

Steve Albini (Page & Plant, Nirvana), who has assisted in an undisclosed capacity.

The album will be NIN's third studio album of all-new material since the

band's formation in 1988. As a vehicle for Reznor's dark vision of a

twisted, often aggressive meld of hard and electronic rock in a pop

structure, NIN have scored a number of radio hits over the past decade

with songs such as "The Perfect Drug" and "Closer." Most of Reznor's songs

are imbued with a sense of self-loathing and a decidedly bleak vision of

the future.

Although it took a year for the NIN's 1989 debut, Pretty Hate Machine,

to climb the charts, by the time Reznor assembled a band to back him on

the first Lollapalooza tour in 1991, the group had built a sizable and

loyal following.

Nine Inch Nails haven't released an album since the multiplatinum The Downward

Spiral (1994).

Reznor has spent nearly two years in his New Orleans studio working on

The Fragile, according to an interview with the reclusive singer

in the current issue of Rolling Stone. He has remained

relatively quiet about the project, except for a vague and mysterious

advertising campaign and a few interviews.

In the article, Reznor was quoted as saying The Fragile is "one

of those records that doesn't jump out of the speakers."

The album is slated to contain more than two dozen songs, including "The

Day the World Went Away," its B-side and "The Wretched," the latter two

of which are said to sound like typical Nine Inch Nails rockers, while

others, such as "La Mer" ("The Sea") and "Into the Void," are described

by Reznor as "detours," Rolling Stone reported.

In addition to the two studio albums, NIN have also released an EP,

Broken (1992), and two remix collections: Fixed (1992) and

Further Down the Spiral (1995).