Sway and King Tech Wake Up Hip-Hop

Rubber-tongued freestyles, bangin' beats on phat mix.

Now 9 years old, Sway and King Tech's Wake Up Show on L.A.'s The Beat

(92.3 FM) has become the most listened-to rap radio program in the world.

With over 11 million listeners, Sway, Tech and DJ Revolution have

continuously programmed the best of new and classic hip-hop, plus

exclusive artist interviews and freestyles. They were far from the first

mix-show DJs to hit the air, but they've managed to craft one of the

best examples of their breed.

With This or That, Sway, Tech and Rev have taken the best elements

of their weekly radio show and distilled it into a 32-track (!) mix tape.

This or That kicks off with an introduction to the Wake Up Show

stitched together with random snippets taken from across the hip-hop

spectrum while Revolution cuts up the names of Sway, Tech and himself.

Then, the album morphs into "The Anthem," a five-minute song featuring

everyone from the Wu-Tang's RZA, to KRS-One, to Ras Kass, to Eminem and

half a dozen others.

The rest of the album runs through an eclectic mix of songs drawn from

hip-hop's underground: including Gang Starr's "Above the Clouds," a remix

of Canibus' "Get Retarded" and the rare remix of Dilated Peoples' "Work

the Angles."

Noticeably missing are more popular commercial hits but the Wake Up Show

has never catered to the chart-toppers, which is why Ill Advised and

Rasheed's thunderous "" pops up on This or That but

nothing does from Bad Boy or So So Def.

Midway through, This or That runs a review of some classic hip-hop

joints, including Pete Rock and CL Smooth's sax-filled "T.R.O.Y.," Cash

Money's hilarious "Ugly People Be Quiet" and Eric B. & Rakim's

unforgettable "I Know You Got Soul." However, the Wake Up Show staff also

includes new songs such as Guru's "NY N*ggas," their own "The Anthem" (RealAudio excerpt)

and "Ego Trippin' 99" (RealAudio excerpt),

an update of the Ultramagnetic MCs' "Ego Trippin', " this time featuring

the rascally Kool Keith and rubber-tongued Motion Man.

There's something for everyone, including freestyles by Canibus, Redman

and Jurassic 5's Chali 2Na (RealAudio excerpt),

plus exclusive Wake Up Show promo songs by the likes of Jay Z and others.

This or That can't quite capture the spontaneous feel of a live

broadcast, but its collection of songs and personalities is unparalleled

in almost any other mix tape you'll find.