Mudhoney Take Break After Bassist Exits

Mudhoney, Gomez, Limp Bizkit, Gloria Estefan, Cafe Tacuba, Edwin McCain, Wayne Newton, Tony Orlando, R.L. Burnside...

Seattle grunge pioneers Mudhoney are going on sabbatical

following the departure of bassist Matt Lukin and the group's

split with Reprise Records. "Matt is going to take a break from music

altogether and have a quiet, adult life in Washington state," Rick

Gershon, now an ex-publicist for the band at Reprise's parent company,

Warner Bros., said on Thursday (June 24). Gershon confirmed that the

band was off Reprise but would not comment on a reason for the

departure. Singer Mark Arm apparently broke the news to fans

Tuesday in a letter to "Another Unofficial Mudhoney Home Page"

(; while Gershon confirmed the plans

mentioned in the posting, he could not verify that it came from Arm.

"The rest of us aren't sure what Mudhoney will do next except that

we're going to take a break from the band," read the statement attributed

to Arm. The group is currently preparing a two-CD greatest-hits and

rarities collection on Sub Pop, the label that gave it its start in

the late 1980s.