Aerosmith, Run-D.M.C. Together Again

Aerosmith, Run-D.M.C., Eddie Vedder, C Average, Tim McGraw, Ric Ocasek, Hanson, Ricky Martin, Sleater-Kinney...

Rockers Aerosmith joined old-school rappers Run-D.M.C. onstage in

Mansfield, Mass., on Saturday (June 5) for a take on "Walk This Way," according to the

rappers' publicist. Both bands -- who collaborated on a remake of the Aerosmith chestnut

for Run-D.M.C.'s 1986 album Raising Hell -- were performing at the Kiss 108

(WXKS-FM) radio festival. The groups are shooting for another collaboration on the

rappers' upcoming Crown Royal album, though D.M.C. (born Darryl

McDaniels) said recently the project is not set in stone, nor is it clear yet whether the

bands would cover an old tune or write a new one.