Public Enemy Album 'Spaced-Out'

Public Enemy's forthcoming There's a Poison Goin' On

will include 13 cuts in addition to the previously released "Do You

Wanna Go Our Way???" and "Swindler's Lust": "2000, Dark Side of the

Wall," "L.S.D.," "Here I Go," "41:19," "Crash," "Crayola," "First the

Sheep, Next the Shepherd?," "World Tour Sessions," "Last Mass of the

Caballeros," "I," "What, What," "Kevorkian" and "Death of the 21st

Century." P.E. leader Chuck D called the collection a

"spaced-out psycho buildup" in a posting Friday (May 14) on the

message board of the band's website (

The album will be available for download May 19 from the Atomic Pop

Internet music label; a CD version hits stores June 21.