David Bowie Inspires Game Character

David Bowie, Pennywise, Men at Work, Cat Power, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton...

The character Boz in the CD-ROM action-adventure game

"Omikron: The Nomad Soul" will be modelled after David Bowie,

the rocker revealed Thursday (May 13). Bowie has teamed with Reeves Gabrels,

his guitarist and collaborator since 1989, to create original music

for the game, which will hit stores in October. "The idea of actually

doing a soundtrack for anything involved in the computer orientation

was a real magnet for me," Bowie said at a press conference. "We

approached it like it was a film ... [and tried to] provide the

emotional heart to the game." During the press conference Bowie

previewed "New Angels of Promise," one of eight songs he and Gabrels

wrote for the game. Bowie, Gabrels and bassist Gail Ann Dorsey

appear in the game as a virtual band that performs in bars in the city