Snoop Dogg, Tommy Lee Plan Joint LP As Musical Odd Couple

No Limit rapper and ex-Mötley Crüe drummer forge unlikely pairing for upcoming Outsiderz project.

In a collaboration that defies convention, No Limit rapper Snoop Dogg

and ex-Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee have formed a partnership

and plan to record an album that mixes their signature rap and metal


"Me and Tommy Lee, we hit it off so well," Snoop Dogg (born Calvin Broadus)

said of their recent sessions in a New Orleans studio. "It's like we

grew up together. I got a keen relationship with him. Everyone in the

music industry feels like they know me through my music. When they get

a chance to meet me, they do know me. I'm just like my records -- I'm a

cool motherf---er."

Snoop, 26, said the album will be released under the name the Outsiderz and

will come out on his Dogg House Records imprint. Its release date is not

yet scheduled.

The unusual pairing sprang out of Snoop Dogg's work on Lee's first

post-Crüe effort, Methods of Mayhem, which the drummer described as

a metal-rap-electronic hybrid that will feature him rapping and playing

the skins. Lee, 36, cited his solo project as one reason he recently

left Mötley Crüe after 18 years with the band. "I've been

writing music for the past year or so, and it sounds nothing like what

Mötley Crüe would do and knowing that really frustrated me,"

Lee said.

The often volatile tattooed drummer said he laid down vocals for an

Outsiderz song tentatively titled "We're Gettin' High in This Motherf---er."

The sessions also featured Nine Inch Nails members Danny Lohner and

Charlie Clouser.

Lee also has asked such artists as rapper Busta Rhymes (born Trevor

Smith), electronica duo the Crystal Method and Limp Bizkit leader Fred

Durst to contribute to his Methods of Mayhem album.

The past year has been an especially star-crossed one for the trouble-prone

Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass). Already notorious for the debauched rock 'n'

roll lifestyle espoused by such Crüe songs as "Girls, Girls, Girls"

(RealAudio excerpt) and "Dr. Feelgood," Lee has had run-ins with the law recently.

He served four months of a six-month sentence in L.A. County Jail for

felony spousal abuse; he and his ex-wife, former "Baywatch" star Pamela

Anderson, say they have reconciled.

Lee said he and Snoop Dogg, in addition to sharing business managers,

share a common sensibility that might surprise fans. "What's bizarre is

that most rap artists, all those motherf---ers want to be rock stars,"

Lee said. "Those guys love f---ing heavy guitars, they love f---ing big

beats, there's so many things about metal that they love."

(RealAudio excerpt of interview).

"We've got the same goals and we been through the same type of sh--," Snoop said of his connection with Lee.

Snoop was acquitted in February 1995 on charges connected with a fatal drive-by shooting. He left his longtime label, Death Row Records, in 1997. "He was trying to break free and do his own thing, like I'm doing right now. ... It's going to be a metal album. Motherf---er goes metal, because I got this rap sh-- down pat and I dare a motherf---er to challenge me," Snoop said.

The lanky rapper made a name for himself on frequent partner Dr. Dre's pioneering 1993 gangsta-rap album, The Chronic.

On Tuesday, Snoop released his second No Limit Record, No Limit Top Dogg, which features such funk-rap hybrids as "Ghetto Symphony" (RealAudio excerpt) and

"Snoopafella" (RealAudio excerpt).

Barbara Pescosolido, a spokesperson for Snoop's label, said the Outsiderz album has been discussed but is considered to be only in its preliminary stages.

Snoop said he expected his true fans would not be put off by the seeming oil-and-water combo of his laconic raps and Lee's metal attitude. "What about the white fans who love Snoop Dogg?," the rapper drawled. "They got rock and heavy metal in their CD players. If I can do it, I do it. I know how to do it."

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