Pearl Jam, Morissette, Amos Lend Voices To Kosovo Benefit LP

Neil Young, Rage Against the Machine and Korn among others on disc to raise money for refugees

A soon-to-be-released album of rarities, live tracks and unreleased songs from such superstar rock acts as Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine and Korn aims to raise money for Kosovo refugees.

The 16-track album No Boundaries (June 15) will feature previously unreleased songs from Ben Folds Five, the Wallflowers and Tori Amos, as well as live tracks from Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls. The album will benefit three international aid organizations, according to Epic Records.

The three humanitarian groups, Doctors Without Borders, OXFAM (formerly known as Oxford Famine Relief), and Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, will receive an initial donation of $1 million from Epic Records, according to the label's statement. Future revenues from the album are expected to be split between the organizations.

"We're thrilled, of course, for a number of reasons," said LMichael Green, director of marketing for CARE. "First and foremost, it's another way to raise awareness and resources for work in Kosovo, but secondarily it's great because it provides us with a way to find some synergy with an excellent band like Pearl Jam, who have a history of being socially conscious, and the other artists on the album."

Also contributing B-sides and remixes are metal pioneers Black Sabbath, and pop-rock acts Oasis, Peter Gabriel, Bush and Jamiroquai.

The members of Pearl Jam recently announced plans to release their cover of J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers' 1964 hit "Last Kiss" (RealAudio excerpt) to aid CARE and the refugees of the war in Kosovo. The single, which was issued exclusively to fan club members in December as a Christmas 7-inch, was officially released to radio May 3 and will be available in stores by June 8, according to representatives for the band. The B-side of the single, which will also be featured on No Boundaries, is a cover of an Arthur Alexander 1962 b-side, "Soldier of Love."

The commercial release of "Last Kiss" came as the song had been gaining airplay at a number of tastemaker radio stations across the U.S., despite its not having been officially released as a single.

An intensive bombing campaign was initiated two months ago by NATO in an effort to stem what is believed to be a program of ethnic cleansing against Albanians by Serbian forces under the direction of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. NATO and U.S. leaders have expressed fear that unrest in the former Yugoslavia could lead to a political crisis that would affect such neighboring countries as Greece, Albania and Macedonia.

It has been reported that thousands of Albanians, many of them men, have been killed by Serbian forces. A flood of refugees has been streaming out of Kosovo since the beginning of the air campaign, creating a massive humanitarian crisis and a virtual nation of displaced people.

"Pearl Jam is proud to offer this small contribution to help improve the appalling conditions of the refugees suffering from this human rights tragedy in Kosovo," Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis said in a prepared statement.

The full track listing for No Boundaries is: Pearl Jam, "Last Kiss" (1998 fan club Christmas single); Alanis Morissette, "Baba" (1999 live track); Rage Against the Machine, "Ghost of Tom Joad" (CD single of Bruce Springsteen track); Neil Young, "War of Man" (live); Korn, "Freak on a Leash" (Butch Vig remix); Black Sabbath, "Psychoman" (Danny Saber remix); Bush, "Come Down" (acoustic); Ben Folds Five, "Leather Jacket" (previously unreleased song); Oasis, "Take Me Away" (British b-side); Sarah McLachlan, "Mary" (1998 live track); Indigo Girls, "Go" (1998 live track); the Wallflowers, "Used to Be Lucky" (previously unreleased song); Jamiroquai, "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" (British B-side); Tori Amos, "Merman" (previously unreleased song); Peter Gabriel, "Fourteen Black Paintings" (track from Us); and Pearl Jam, "Soldier of Love" (1998 fan club Christmas single).