Filter's Richard Patrick

"Honestly, I never, ever planned on singing in a band. I always just

wanted to play guitar, but my first band that I was in, Nine Inch Nails,

it was really unfulfilling to play these little, teeny guitar parts in

the middle of this big techno sound. So then it's like, 'How am I gonna

make a living if I quit? Well I'm gonna have to learn how to sing.' I

was really inspired by Billy Corgan because we toured with the Smashing

Pumpkins in Europe for two and a half months. And Billy -- he'll be the

first one to admit maybe his voice is a little strange-sounding but he

doesn't give a flying f---. Neither does Neil Young. Neil Young's got

the weirdest voice in rock but he doesn't give a sh--. It's like, 'I'm

singing, f--- you, you're not.' I've realized that I've got a pretty

decent voice and the things that are strange within my voice is what

gives me character -- the character are the wrinkles. Growing a little

older, I look at my face and my eyes are kind of puffy or whatever, and

it's character. It's like when you dent your car, you can look at it like

'Aw, I got a dent in my car.' Or you can look at it like it's got

character. Or what do you like better -- a brand new, shiny guitar or

something that's been beat on since you were 10 years old? That's what

makes things interesting." -- Richard Patrick, Filter singer