NBA Sues Cam'ron's Label

Rapper Cam'ron's record label, Untertainment, and its owner,

Lance "Un" Rivera, are being sued by the National Basketball

Association over an advertisement that parodies the NBA's insignia.

A clerk at the U.S. District Court in New York said Monday (May 3)

the league filed the federal trademark-infringement lawsuit April

22. The New York Times reported Sunday that the ad for

Cam'ron's upcoming album, Sports, Drugs and Entertainment,

puts a gun in the hand of the NBA's red, white and blue depiction of

a dribbling player. The Times also reported the court granted

the league a temporary injunction barring the label from using the

insignia on a billboard in Harlem and in the next issue of Blaze.

Calls to the league office and to Rivera were not returned.