Former Buckley Players Form Band

Two members of late singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley's band have formed a new

group called Black Beetle, according to a statement from Buckley's former

record label, Columbia. The former Buckley collaborators, guitarist Michael

Tighe and drummer Parker Kindred, are joined in Black Beetle by singer

Joan Wasser of pop-rockers the Dambuilders and guitarist Oren

Bloedow of the art-pop band Elysian Fields. Black Beetle are currently

playing small-venue shows in New York City and plan to record soon. Jeff Buckley, son

of singer/songwriter Tim Buckley, won critical raves and an avid cult following

with his 1994 album Grace. Buckley drowned in a May 1997 accident; a

posthumous album, Sketches (For My Sweetheart the Drunk), was released in