Jello Biafra To Be On TV

Ex-Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra will appear on TV's "Politically

Incorrect With Bill Maher" on Wednesday night. The 41-year-old punk pioneer, who also

appeared on a special live version of the show broadcast from San Francisco on March 27,

will match wits with comedian Jon Stewart and "Rock for Life" founder Bryan Kemper.

The same day, Biafra will perform a spoken-word show in Ventura, Calif., in support of

If Evolution Is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Evolve (1998), his fifth spoken-word

record. He's also scheduled to perform April 8 in Los Angeles; April 10 in Pomona, Calif.;

April 9 in Las Vegas; and April 13 in Austin, Texas, with four shows to follow in May.