Alanis Morissette Reflects As She Preps For Tour

Canadian songstress offered insights into songs on her latest album and her influences.

As Alanis Morissette prepares to launch a 33-date tour in support of her latest LP, the
Canadian songstress expressed her personal infatuation with openers Liz Phair and the
Shirley Manson-fronted Garbage.

“Because they’re supergoddesses!” said Morissette, during a SonicNet chat Tuesday, explaining why she asked the artists to join her on tour. “All the men in the band[s],” she added, laughing.

All joking aside, the emotive singer — whose latest record, Supposed Former
Infatuation Junkie,
broke the record for one-week sales by a female solo artist during
its first seven days of release in November — offered fans insights, professional and
personal, in a chat from New Orleans, where she will begin her tour Saturday at the UNO

Detailing the songwriting process for the album’s first single, “Thank U” (RealAudio excerpt), the
24-year-old Morissette highlighted the role that producer Glen Ballard (Aerosmith)
played in the recording of the LP.

“That was the first song I wrote with Glen for the record. I was just overwhelmed with this
sense of gratitude and excitement and I really wanted to write about it. I wrote the lyrics
and Glen Ballard and I wrote the music together,” Morissette said.

“It was written and recorded on the same day or evening, as were all of the songs on
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie,” she added. “That will probably be the way I
do it moving forward — same-day writing.”

Regarding her decision to appear nude in a video for “Thank U,” Morissette said she
made the choice “to celebrate my body and not objectify it. Not to impose the societal
standard of what my body should look like. To acknowledge our inner being. I was naked
in the streets of L.A. for two nights in a row.”

The confessional singer took time off from touring following the phenomenal success of
her 25-million-selling 1995 album Jagged Little Pill to spend time with her family
and vacation in India, a trip she said helped inspire her latest record.

“What was required of me to go to a place like India was an openness and letting go. It
was very humble and informative, the lack of materialism and the joy evident in that,”
Morissette said. “Just to travel with a backpack was very illuminating.”

She cited as musical influences everyone from songwriter Carole King to Swedish pop
stars Abba and back to Bob Dylan, and named pioneering psychologists Sigmund Freud
and Carl Jung as people who have influenced her work. Morissette expressed an
interest in writing a book or branching out to other artistic fields such as photography and

In response to a fan question that named the new song “I Was Hoping” as a personal
favorite, Morissette explained the different lyrical components of the tune.

“The second verse is self-explanatory: being patronized … due to sexism or ageism. And
the final verse is about judgment, feeling safe not to have conflict with a person who felt
judged,” Morissette said. “It was me singing my hopes for a relationship to my mate.”