The Best Of SonicNet '98: Rockers Return

Dinosaurs of rock: From Alice Cooper to Vanilla Ice to Black Sabbath, 1998 saw reappearances from long dormant artists.

During 1998, SonicNet Music News of the World was breaking news, introducing

new artists, pointing out trends in the music business, reviewing live concerts and

covering the personalities changing the face of music.

Whether we were bringing you exclusive reports, cornering sullen rock stars as they

emerged from the courtroom, chasing fans for comments at concerts or searching for

context in the rush of shifting trends and sounds, we covered the waterfront with energy,

determination and, when warranted, a sense of humor.

Over the holiday season, SonicNet will look back at the top stories of the past year in a

variety of categories, chosen by our editors and writers (bless their modest hearts, each

and every one). Today, we highlight rockers who came back.