Critic's Pick: Eric Arnum's Top 10 Albums Of 1998

This year we've asked some of our favorite writers and editors to tell us what albums

stood out in '98. Today, SonicNet's Eric Arnum supplies his top 10.

1. Garbage, Version 2.0 (Almo Sounds): This is the noise that keeps me

awake -- my head explodes and my body aches!

2. Smashing Pumpkins, Adore (Virgin): Billy Corgan is looking more like

Uncle Fester and sounding just as scary.

3. Fatboy Slim, You've Come A Long Way Baby (Astralwerks): This guy

was the best thing at Glastonbury '98.

4. Beastie Boys, Hello Nasty (Grand Royal): So let's see, Beasties and

Jimmy Page for Godzilla vs. Mothra?

5. Wyclef Jean, The Carnival Featuring Refugee Allstars (Sony): Who

woulda thunk it: Bob Dylan in an airport and Bee Gees samples?

6. Massive Attack, Mezzanine (Virgin): This is the CD to put on repeat

when the girlfriend's over.

7. Loreena McKennitt, The Book of Secrets (Warner Bros.): Canadian folk

singer meets Siouxie & the Banshees.

8. Pras, Ghetto Supastar (Ruffhouse): Hope this gets an Oscar for film

song, but "Iris" is stiff competition.

9. Fastball, All The Pain Money Can Buy (Hollywood): "The Way" is the

new road song for the doom generation.

10. New Radicals, Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too (MCA): "You

Get What You Give" should be Universal's new corporate slogan.