Mighty Mighty Bosstones Say Pizza Hut Stole Song

Ska-rockers' lawyers have approached fast-food company about a commercial said to sound like "The Impression That I Get."

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are irate about a Pizza Hut commercial whose music is, in

the words of their publicist, a "total rip-off" of their 1997 hit "The Impression That I Get."

Lawyers for the ska-rock band have contacted the fast-food chain and are "in the

beginning stages" of negotiations, Mercury Records publicist Sheila Richmond said


A Pizza Hut spokesman said he was unaware of any contact between the band and the

company. "It would be premature to comment publicly until we've done our due

diligence," spokesman Jay Alison said.

Richmond said the Bosstones' lawyers "have definitely been in touch with Pizza Hut."

Though she couldn't characterize the negotiations, Richmond said it's unlikely the band

would want Pizza Hut to use its tune or a sound-alike, even if Pizza Hut agreed to pay for

it. She said the commercial prominently features a horn riff that mimics "The Impression

That I Get," a song from the Bosstones' 1997 album, Let's Face It.

"We want you to know that we did not sell this song to Pizza Hut," singer Dicky Barrett

told the audience at a Bosstones concert Saturday in Cambridge, Mass., before playing

"The Impression That I Get." He added, "Those people stole it."

The show was part of the Boston band's five-night Hometown Throwdown.

Pizza Hut is owned by Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc., a company that spun off a year

ago from PepsiCo. Tricon also owns fast-food giants KFC and Taco Bell. A Tricon

spokesman couldn't be reached for comment.