Up Offers Compilation CD

Up Records are scheduled to release Up Next, a compilation featuring 18 tracks from the label's artists, Jan. 12. Included in the set are new songs from eclectic pop act Quasi, grunge-rocker Tad, electronica act Land of the Loops and singer/songwriter Jana McCall. The complete track listing is: Brent Arnold ("Sweetness"), Mike Johnson ("Turn It Around"), Tiffany Anders ("Runnin' from No Place to Nowhere"), Modest Mouse ("Grey Icy Water"), 764-Hero ("Typo"), Land of the Loops ("Single Girl Summer Home"), The Pastels ("One Wild Moment" remixed by Stereolab, The Need ("Vaselina"), Violent Green ("16 Stories High"), Modest Mouse/764-Hero ("Whenever You See Fit" DJ Dynamite D. Remix), Get Bunny Love ("Love Gift"), Sick Bees ("Come To Play"), Dickless ("C-word"), Karp ("Prison Shake"), Tad ("Oppenheimer's Pretty Nightmare"), Quasi ("Gaping Holes"), Duster ("Closer to the Speed of Sound") and Jana McCall ("Echoes").